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About Forever a Maverick By Genevieve Turner

He’s parched and on the brink of despair.

Ash’s well is dry. Unless he finds a new source of water, his dreams of a flourishing farm will crumble to dust. A last-ditch proposal could solve all his problems—just as long as he ignores how she makes his blood sing.
A single mom in need of hope…

Juniper is drowning. The bills keep piling up and it’s her son who will suffer if she can’t keep her head above water. When Ash proposes—her water rights for a fat check and a wedding—Juniper sees her chance at a new life. But the marriage is supposed to be strictly business, no matter how hot he is.
A convenient marriage that might become more…

The harder they try to keep everything professional, the deeper Ash and Juniper fall. But can they accept that a plot hatched in desperation might be the marriage of their dreams?